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Yoh Tsukuba(津久葉 瑤 Tsukuba Yō) is a university student and a friend of Fuminori Sakisaka.

She is voiced by Mio Yasuda (credited as Izumi Yazawa).



She is shy and timid by nature but genuinely cared for the few friends she has. Though she is afraid of a lot of things she would gather up the courage and face her fears when it came to the people that truly mattered to her. She was genuinely in love with Fuminori and was unable to bring herself to hate him even after being raped and transformed by Saya.


Yoh was a normal human female until she was forcefully transformed by Saya as an act of jealousy against her for loving Fuminori. After being transformed she was able to withstand four gunshots from a revolver at nearly point blank range and was still unable to die until Kouji beat her to death with a pipe taking more than thirty blows intended to kill before finally dying.


Yoh is a young woman with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a button-up shirt, with some amount of cleavage due to her large breasts. Yoh also wears a choker necklace.